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After her farm is ambushed by a criminal gang of Highway-Women, a sheltered girl’s quest for survival uncovers the buried secret of her true family origin.


Inspired by classic Westerns, this female led film is seen through the eyes of Ruenna, a young girl whose world is shattered after a deadly attack on the homestead she shares with mother Essabel, by a female gang of outlaws.

Now alone and forced to flee into the wilderness to escape, she is relentlessly pursued by Kate, the leader of this gang who is hellbent on capturing her. Desperate to evade detection she continues to push on deeper into the wild, seeking a mysterious figure only known to her as ‘Blythe’ for aid.

However upon finding this figure, Ruenna discovers this elusive character is in fact Maggie Blythe; a fugitive who holds all the answers to who this murderous rider intent on hunting her down really is.

But with little time left, soon enough Ruenna is left again with the choice to either run or face the oncoming threat of Kate who has tracked both her and Blythe down and is steadily closing in.

The film aims to subvert the traditional elements from within the old male dominated Westerns to create a new vision for the genre through a female perspective. It explores immoral figures, broken loyalties, hidden family ties and revenge.

Cover Photo ©Benoit Paille


Reunna: Saskia Axten

Kate: Jill Penfold

Essabel: Bryony Tebbutt

Maggie: Heidi Dorschler

Frisswell: Bianca Stephens

Griffin: Katy Treble


Writer-Director: Natalie-Anne Downs

Producer: Edward Dede

Director Of Photography: Dann Emmons

Associate Producers: Tim Barrow and Marcus Ako

First Assistant Director: Jane Davis

Second Assistant Director: Nasir Simmons

2nd Unit Director: James Fox

Fight & Stunt Choreographer: Cristian Cardenas

Sound Recordist & Sound Design: Rowen Henderson

Costume Designer: Christine Penman

Art Director: Natasha Coleman

Editor: Catriona Delbridge

1st AC: Stephanie Ho

2nd AC: Carla Martins

Gaffer: Joesph Dabbs

Spark: Zen Wallace

Gaffer, Pickups: Deen Gomez

Lighting Assistant: Marta Tamborski

Props & Art Assist: Alex Field

Assistant Costume Designer: Sophie Knapp

Costume Supervisor: Broghain Diggins

Makeup, Hair & SFX: Tiffany Smith

Hair & Makeup Assistants: Sam Paskin and Melissa Rose

Storyboard & Art: Andrew Newall

Drone Pilot: Kirk Watson

Production Assistants: James Fox, Thomas Walker

Animal Handlers / Horse Wranglers: Jenny Davidson, Kirsteen Macleod, Seonaid Arnott, Andy & Lorna McPhee

Depty Stunt Coordinators: Katy Treble, Maisie Carter

Assistant Fight Co-ordinators: Hauk Pattison, Amy Bolger

Catering: Philp’s Fine Foods