Short & Feature


In 18th Century rural Britain, a girl seeks revenge on the one responsible for her mother’s death; a notorious outlaw who is also the link to her true family origin.


This western inspired, character-driven film is seen through the eyes of Ruenna, a young girl whose world is shattered after a brutal attack on her farm by a female gang of outlaws.

Forced to flee into the wilderness, she is relentlessly pursued by the leader of this gang who is hellbent on capturing the girl. Now alone and desperately seeking the aid of a mysterious figure only known to her as ‘Blythe’ she continues to push on deeper into the wild.

However upon finally finding Blythe, Ruenna soon discovers this elusive character is more than just a passing stranger. A notorious fugitive, in hiding from her own past crimes, Ruenna learns this woman may also have the answers to who this murderous rider hunting her really is. But soon enough, Ruenna is left again with the choice to either run or face the oncoming threat that has tracked both her and Blythe down and is steadily now closing in.

With the traditional Western often dealing with ideas of masculinity and self-sufficiency, this story subverts that image. A British historical take on the genre through a female perspective, ‘Hidden’ explores broken loyalties, immoral figures and secret past lives.

‘HIDDEN’ is part of a wider project; a feature film version developed and written which takes the essence of the short and explores the world of the characters further.

For further information, treatment & script get in touch with: edward@venividifilm.com

Photo ©Benoit Paille