Kiosks, Telephones and Dance

Behind-the-scenes stills taken from our recent dance short film shoot.

Shot over a day within a telephone kiosk restoration site the location provided a unique backdrop, full of the iconic red telephone boxes setting the narrative for the dance piece created by director Natalie-Anne Downs and choreographer Hannah Grainger Gibbs.

Luckily we had the best day of sunshine during shooting which all the crew and dancers were happy about!

With director Natalie-Anne Downs,  choreographer Hannah Grainger Gibbs, director of photography Jack Judd, 1st Assistant Director Eva Blackwell and dancers Katy Higgins, Vicky Yakubu, Lizzie Hall, Abigail Attard Montalto, Susannah Shaw and Larissa Daunaut on location. Photography by Edward Dede.